Women and Abstraction at Cornell Fine Arts Museum, Winter Park

If you love art, the Women and Abstraction Exhibit is for you!

Cornell Fine Arts Museum Women and Abstractions

The Cornell Fine Arts Museum at Rollins College will host this collection of art from April 18, 2015 until August 2, 2015. The Women and Abstraction exhibit showcases abstract art created by women. Previous to the 20th century, much of the celebrated abstract art was dominated by men which makes this exhibition even more meaningful in the art world.


Women and abstraction includes works using various media including Gifs, paintings, photographs, sculptures, and more. Several featured artists, such as Barbara Sorensen and Jane Manus, have ties to Rollins College and the Winter Park community. Women in Abstraction includes the creations of famous artists as well as those who are not yet household names. This exhibit gives many voices the chance to be understood regardless of popularity.


One of the many highlights in this collection is a piece by Dana Hargrove titled The Multis. The Multis is made of ink and gesso on cardboard and was born from the thoughts and feelings surrounding the displacement of people. There is much conversation to be had over this large piece.


Another must see piece is Charline von Heyl’s Tipdipso. In this piece von Heyl uses acrylic and oil paints to create a mesmerizing, layered work that inspires you to examine space and color. Tipdipso is a new acquisition and will be at the Cornell Fine Arts Museum on display as part of The Alfond Collection of Contemporary Art.


One more piece you should make time to view is Nava Lubelski’s Epic. Lubelski uses materials often associated with women, then creates imperfect yet stunning pieces. Epic is one of many fabulous examples of her exploration with materials and the gender roles they traditionally represent.


If you have extra time after visiting the Cornell Museum of Fine Art, go a few blocks away to the Alfond Inn to view the Women in Abstraction pieces in the lobby. Then view the works on display throughout the inn. You will see many statements about politics, freedom, and hope. I highly encourage you to take the time to visit the Alfond Inn.


Highlights for Adults: This exhibition is geared to those who want to be more socially conscious and enjoy art. There are QR codes throughout the museum which you can scan with your smartphone to receive information about each work of art. The information in the exhibit book and the information given via the QR codes is often slightly different so check out both.


Highlights for Kids: Children may enjoy the colorful and multi-media art available for viewing. Older children may feel inspired by the gifs, sculptures, and more. The staff is very accessible and children are welcome to ask questions.


Tips for your trip: There are benches and information books throughout the museum as well as in the Alfond Inn. Entrance to the museum is free, but donations are accepted if given. Set aside at least an hour to explore the Museum and an hour to view works in the Inn.


Make it brainy: Research artists like Georgia O’Keefe, Charline von Heyl, Ruth Asawa, Mary Abbott, and others in advance. Attend one of the group tours at the Alfond Inn. Happy Hour tours are the first Wednesday of each month at 5:30 PM from May until September. On Fridays there are tours at 1 PM. Most tours last 45 minutes to an hour.


All photos by Melissa Packwood, click to enlarge

Cornell Fine Arts Museum Women and Abstractions Cornell Fine Arts Museum Women and Abstractions Cornell Fine Arts Museum Women and Abstractions Cornell Fine Arts Museum Women and Abstractions



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